We operate a small farm ten miles West of Great Falls, Montana where we produce vegetables, chicken and eggs


as well as an occasional hog (Sammy sausage, Bobbie bacon and Houdini ham)

          dairy cow, (Mocha)

                           (Cinnamon and Atticus)   

                  and Icelandic sheep…

using organic methods. We have raised a variety of crops over the years for our own use as well as for sale at the local farmers market including strawberries, honey and at one time had quite a number of goats.

  We are a growing family of eight!

                                            Dave and Margie,

Jonathan and wife Stacey

         and granddaughter Emma,    

                                       “startin’ em early”  







                                  and Jenny.                                                                                                                                                                        Pepper, our new puppy.                           


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