New for 2012 Rough Diamond Farms Community Supported Agriculture Progam

New for this year we are offering a CSA program for the first time. We will be taking memberships thru the summer but encourage you to sign up early so it will help us plan our year as well as take your special orders for extra quantities of produce for freezing or canning. As you can imagine with any new venture there will be obstacles to overcome one of them being how much produce is enough per share per week. As we are limiting our membership to 12 shares for the year we will be able to insure more than adequate quantities of each available produce item. We will be keeping records for each share holder to be sure and make adjustments as the season progresses. For the past few years we have been able to keep storage crops in good condition into the spring and although our CSA program is scheduled to run from late June or early July thru the end of December we will continue for this year to provide the available produce as the quality and quantity remains past the December time frame. Those of you who choose to join our CSA this year will be helping us in establishing the basis for our CSA shares in the future. As with any agricultural venture we are subject to the season’s variables and can only base our future production hopes on the successes of the past. It is our desire to provide high quality affordable produce and establish positive long term relationships with our customers. As always we value your input as we venture into a new field. Thank you!Image 

About Rough Diamond Farm

We operate a small farm ten miles West of Great Falls, Montana where we produce vegetables, chicken and eggs as well as an occasional hog, dairy cows and Icelandic sheep. We have raised a variety of crops over the years for our own use as well as for sale at the local farmers market including strawberries, honey and at one time had quite a number of goats. We are a growing family of eight. Dave and Margie, Jonathan and wife Stacey and granddaughter Ema, Christopher, Katie and Jenny.
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